Thursday, 18 June 2009

I Do!

I'm sad to report that monsieur mojo is still missing in action. However, I have dropped by to let you know that there is an absolutely stunning new download release over at Funky Hand! The I Do collection is designed specifically with the wedding season in mind and I have to say Anice has really come up trumps with her designs. The downloads is a papers and word book collection and the colours are very neutral to enable you to dress them up with the colour of your choice. I really LOVE this download and my most very favourite and best paper is the one with all the swirls. It is to die for. I do have a word book and card sample for you to peruse and then I demand that you trot on over to Funky Hand and buy this most faberoonie download. You won't regret it! x

Ooh and I just want to add that it is my parents 43rd wedding anniversary today! Blimey 43 long years eh? You get much less for murder. Happy Anniversary mum and dad. Love ya both (even tho you hardly ever stop by my blog!) xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Taking a break......

I need to recharge my mojo. x