Saturday, 29 March 2008

Great day

I've nothing crafty to post at all! But thought I'd write a bit about what we did today. The girls and I went to the theatre this morning (oh yes!) to see The frog Prince. It was absolutely fabulous! It was a one man show - he played a story teller and he had loads of puppets.

This is a photo o
f the set. It was in the studio which is a mini theatre within the theatre. We love the studio cos it's quite small and intimate and cos they show kids stuff in there it can be quite interactive. We all had such fun! I was dead proud of Maddie because she is only 2 but she was so well behaved. She only got fidgety in the last 10 minutes or so which I think is brilliant as the whole thing lasted 1 hour.

After theatre we had lunch at Marks & Spencer where I had probably the best toastie I have ever tasted (emmental and mushroom). It was delicious!! Then on to Borders book shop for 2pm where they hold a kids club every Saturday. We love it because they do crafty, sticky, glittery messy things there and it is free!! Every week it has a different theme - this week it was High School Musical. They got to make a badge and Abbi entered a quiz competition (about HSM) and won a prize for getting 13 out of 14 correct. She won a sticker book and stickers (HSM of course!) so she was really chuffed. Met up with Mum and Dad afterwards which was lovely. Must share this pic of my Mum that I took a few weeks ago when I got my fab new phone.

It creases me up every time I look at it!!!!! My phone has templates on it and the bunny is my fave. She had no idea what I was doing when I took this! Her and Dad do sometimes pop on this blog for a peek so - SORRY MUM!!!!!! LOL!

Last pic now! This is the latest addition to our family - Lucy! She is Abbi's hamster and we've had her 2 weeks now. Have been meaning to blog about her. She is turning out to be almost untamable unfortunately. She is incredibly timid and if you try and hold her she wees on you and squeaks! She is very cute though :o)


Karen said...

What a great day, and I love the new blog banner.

Angie C said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic day Jo

Lydia said...

A fab day was had by all by the sounds of it!!! And well done Maddie :o)
Your poor Mum having to go live to the world like that!!! *.* You meany lol ^.^