Sunday, 8 June 2008

I'm back!

I'm back from our weekend away. The wedding was great we all had a lovely time. My daughters were party animals at the evening do. Abigail danced (a lot of the time the only one on the dance floor) for just over 2 hours. Maddie really enjoyed the dancing too. I'm tired I'm afraid so I've not had chance to sort out the blog candy - that will come tomorrow. I just thought I would share a few of my favourite photos from the wedding (I took loads and not looked at them properly but these stood out).

I love this one. The kids were running in the grounds of the hotel while the photos were being taken. As you can see Abigail took her bag :o) I fiddled with this with the on line mini version of photoshop - how I wish I had the real thing though!

This is my gorgeous girls with their gorgeous cousins Tom and James. I love it as it's not fake posey smiles. I love to catch a natural moment :o)

The bride and groom Andy and Amy looking gorgeous! Andy is my husband's cousin.

Maddie just suddenly lay like this on the dance floor bless her! She stayed there for quite a while whilst Abigail danced around her :o)



kath said...

Wow fab photos Joz - I love the ones with the kids - aren't they just naturals when it comes to photos - no posing with them and the one with Abigail and her bag is brilliant.

LuLu said...

Great photos and love the one with the kids just running. It looks really natural and just what kids would do ! !

Tip Top said...

Fab!! Glad you had a great time! Fab pics too!

Karen said...

Great photos, all so natural and lovely.

Kathy said...

awwww what great photos Jo

Craftling said...

Wonderful photos, Joz! You have a knack with that camera! They're great.

Glad you all had such a lovely time. :o)

carol said...

Lovely pictures, glad you had a good time :) I love a good wedding, you can't beat it in my opinion :)

Carol x