Friday, 9 January 2009

DCM - 'tis the season to recycle

This week the theme is recycling and in particular to recycle something from Christmas.

Hmmm this was a tricky one for me because all things Christmas were packed up and put away at the end of last week. I had already se
nt all the Christmas cards to be recycled and all that I have left are the hand made ones I received (and there is no way I am cutting those up!!!) so I cheated slightly and used one of the cards left over from Abigail's box of cards to send to her friends at school.
Here is the card ^^^ and lets just say I was wholy uninspired by it which is why my recycled card is a pile of old tosh (in my opinion!). I cut out the present and a bit of the blue background to make another present and based the card around that. Hmmm this card may just end up being binned ya know! lol
I think another reason why the card is pants is that I myself feel pants. Have had a hacking cough since Christmas day and from Saturday have had a terrible pain in the back of my chest on the right. It has been affecting my sleep and it is fair to say I have been a right old misery guts. Sooooo I finally went to the GP yesterday afternoon and yes you guessed it - I was made to feel like a time wasting old trog. Apparently my chest is "phlegmy" but I have probably pulled a muscle. "Come back if you have trouble breathing". So that was me told then and £5 of bus fare wasted. I felt so embarrassed but I'm not kidding this pain has been so bad. I mean on Wednesday I can't actually remember some of the events of the day as I was delirious with pain. It is almost as bad as the pain I had when my gallbladder was playing up. Obviously I is a wimp!

Right I best get off. My baby girl is starting nursery school today!!! I'm dreading it I really hope she doesn't get upset when I leave her. I need to get her packed lunch ready as they have their lunch there now (it was all different when Abigail went). I'm hoping to get a bit of crafting done this afternoon while she's there. I have some Christmas pics I want to scrap....


Lythan said...

Firstly huge hugs. Get well soon. You have been poorly with one thing and another since the Autumn I reckon.
And secondly, don't be so hard on yourself. That card is fabuloso. What I find amusing is I made a conscious effort not to use my Swiss Dots embossing folder on my card this week and what did I plump for? Scrolls. SNAP!

Find something nice to do during nursery time. Like eat chocolate...

Kathy said...

aww Jo you're having such a rotten time, hun. hope you're feeling better soon Ihad acoughthat made me feel like that a few years back so i know how you feel.

that card is NOT pants, it's fab and funky and so bright and cheerful -makes me feel brighter just looking at ir