Thursday, 2 October 2008


Pesky kids eh? My two have just had a falling out of epic proportions resulting in both of them shouting how much they hate each other and ending with my 3 year old proclaiming at the top of her voice that her sister is "a little brat" (actually it was bwat - bless her she has a tendency to speak like Jonathon Ross). Sigh.....why can't we be like the Waltons? If it's like this now at 3 and 7 what will they be like when they hit their teens??? Yikes I'd better invest in earplugs....

I've had a fairly quiet day (until Abigail came home from school that is!), just me and Maddie at home. It's my Gran's 87th birthday on Sunday so Maddie made her a card (which I've forgotten to photograph) and as the stash was out I had a little play. I couldn't help Funky Hand friends are so going to shout at me!!!

I started a papermania scalloped chipboard al
bum that Emma kindly sent me to try. I feel awful that I haven't managed to do it yet so I made a start this afternoon. It's been great fun I have to say and once I get some photographs organised it's going to be so fab. I've taken some pics but obviously it's a work in progress and it'll have ribbons on the rings when it's finished.

Last thing....check out what came in the post from my fab friend Ruth! What an awesome get well card - she's so clever. I reckon me and that dinosaur were seperated at birth! The likeness is uncanny right down to the sheepish look on it's face :o)

Thanks so much Ruth - you're ace! xxx


Allison said...

love the book, Ruth's card is fab but you girl need to take a rest with that hand and let it heal, there's plenty of time to craft- there that you told off yet again!

Kath said...

love the card from Ruth...check out the little your album....I am so going to get some of these started hopefully after Christmas...and it will look stunning with all your piccies...and sisters will fight...I fought with my sister right into our teens and now we are the best of you may have a way to go....I would definitely invest in the ear plugs.

Kath said...

Oh what I forgot to say is....we will not only shout at you...we will come after you and slap your legs....sore hand and sore legs

Tip Top said...

Heheheheheh!!! Glad you like the card!

Do like that book - very swish!

But YOU GET RESTING girl!!! See, I can shout too!!!!!!!!

Kathy said...

awww kids, eh?
My bro and I faught like cat and dog - actually the only reason we don't still is because I'm better at keeping my goh shut now! He talks such drivel sometimes, but I really can't be bothered to argue anymore.

The book is great, looks really wonderful - and so is Ruth's cute card

pink lady said...

That book is FAB Joz, and with a bad hand too you naughty girl ! Take it easy and give it chance to heal !! x

Christine (Craftling) said...

Fab book, fab card from Ruth... I had one very similar from her when I had my op.. didn't half make me smile! :o)

Chris xx