Saturday, 25 October 2008

A new obsession

There has been a Cath Kidston shop in York for quite some time now and I purposely haven't been in....just looked longingly in the window from time to time....

Hmm.....well I went in last Monday with my friend Kirsty (I kinda knew it was a shop I would want to go in without the children!) and oh my! Now I know it's not everyones taste and I wouldn't want absolutely everything in the shop - but I want MOST things in it (not so keen on the clothes mind). Wowsers it is lush. So inspired was my friend that she has started a group on facebook called "I want to live in a Cath Kidston house" hehehe. It has 3 members of which I am 1!

Here is one of my little purchases with my pins in it(I went back in today hehe).


LuLu said...

What a cute "thing". Love all the pins stuck into it but how are you now going to use the pins without destroying your display?

pink lady said...

ooooh there's a Cath Kidston shop in York! May have to drag Rich there this weekend I haven't been to York in ages. Loving this Jozza, its so cute !