Thursday, 12 February 2009

About time!!

Snow!!! YES SNOW!!!

Whoohooooooooo we had some today (and I wasn't even aware it had been forecast). We did get some last week on 1 day but it had melted by the time we came home from work/school so we didn't get to do anything fun. We made up for it today though :o) We got to use the sledges that have been sitting in our garage for 3 years! Thought I would share some pics. I tell you what - my eldest daughter is such a lightweight. After about 10 minutes she was complaining she was cold and wanted to go home! When I was a kid I used to be out in it for hours and when I did go home my legs would be bright red and stinging from the cold. All together now "KIDS TODAY DON'T KNOW THEY'RE BORN!" lol

I will warn you, there may be some pics of my hubby on here (don't tell him - he'll go schitz!) and the hat he is wearing makes him look very "speshal" hahahahaha it keeps him warm though!
Doesn't the lake look pretty?

Speshal hat warning!

"Mum I'm cold when are we going home???"


Kath said...

yeehaa...join the club...and isn't it great fun...the kids and the big kid look as though they are having a ball.
Hugs Kath xxx

Carol said...

These are fab pictures, looks like fun was had by all :0)
If i knew you liked snow so much i would have sent you some of ours!!! another 2/3 inches again this evening
here in Bedford, but it seems to be the thin stuff that's melting already!

Carol x

Anonymous said...

Well done Jo great pictures babes and the girls look like they really enjoyed themselves even the big kid too. Fantastic pics sweet
take care babes speak soon Babs xx xx

Tip Top said...

Not fair - we've had NOWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!