Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A day of highs and lows

I feel quite exhausted today! For the last few days I have had raging toothache in a tooth that I had filled last month. You know the pain I mean? Where you can't decide whether you want to shut your head in a door or lay on the drive and get your hubby to run over it with the car? Throbbing is not the word! I've been taking nurofen and co-codamol and they have not even touched the pain! Bleurgh! Thankfully I had a dental appointment already booked for something else so I begged the dentist to sort this tooth instead. The result was root canal treatment. Turns out the filling I had last month was a deep 'un and irritated the nerve to billy-oh. "Take away the pain" I begged...and bless my lovely dentist - she did! Anyhow whilst sat in the dentist chair squirming (not in pain, but because the noise of the drill makes me squirm, I couldn't feel my tongue and feared I was going to swallow it and also I have this thing where I worry I'm going to bite the dentist's fingers off!) my mobile phone pipes up DEAD loud. My ringtone is not a nice tinkly tune. Nooooo, it is Papa Lazarou from the League of Gentlemen saying "Hello Dave, is that Dave? You're my wife now Dave". I was a bit embarrassed but the dentist & dental nurse thought it was funny. I would have laughed too but I had several hands and dental tools in my mouth. After said root canal torture treatment I checked who had called and it was my mum (who never calls my mobile). Rang her back. No answer. Rang dad's mobile. Turned off. Rang home number no answer. When I got home there was a message on the home phone to say she was on the way to hospital as her GP thought she had a DVT (deep vein thrombosis). Now I don't want to blow my own trumpet (actually I do!) but I actually diagnosed a DVT last night on the phone to my mum when she told me her symptoms. Clearly I am too good for radiography and need to be a doctor. Thankfully they have let her home and she's had heparin injections. She's back tomorrow for a scan and blood results.

So they were the lows BUT there was a high too. Oh yes there was! My kids entered a competition in Borders book shop to win theatre tickets for The Jungle Book show and Abigail WON! Woot woot!. Soooooo (thankfully before dental torture) we had to go to Borders this aft to meet the cast of the show and get presented with the tickets and have photos taken. Eeeeeeh it was fab. For a starters we got there before the cast so the staff at Borders nipped upstairs to Starbucks and got us all a drink (if you want to get round Joz - caramel macchiato does it EVERY time. I would bathe in it given half a chance). Ahhh bliss! The cast arrived in costume and looked ace. The kids were overwhelmed by it all. They were so impressed. The cast and staff at Borders made a real fuss of the kids which was great. Anyhow they posed for many a pic and I took a few albeit crap ones. It's going to be in the local paper in the next couple of days. Sooo on Friday night we're all going to the theatre for free. Really can't wait :o)

Here are a couple of pics (they are a bit kacka because I
still don't know how to work my camera properly!)

I thought I'd also share a couple of pics from Sunday when we went to visit my big brother (who turned 40 on Saturday) 'cos I managed to snap a couple of the kids that I rather like.

This is Abigail and my nephew Benjamin who believe it or not is only 6 months old. He looks huge in this pic but then he is going to be a big boy for sure as his mum is 6' and his dad (my brother) is 6'6"
And then there is this one of Maddie the madster who most certainly is mad. Bless her and her cheesy grin. lol
I also have pics to share from Saturday when my good friend Ruth came a visiting with her 2 boys. I'm going to have to do that in a seperate post as my fingers are aching after this mammoth blog post.


Lythan said...

Hope you and your mum are all better soon. And the photo of your two girls with the book with the characters watching over them is so cute it brought a tear to my eye :)

Kath said...

wow that was some post....the lows of the dentist....the highs of the prize winners and then all the delish pics of the kids..
Hugs Kath xxxx
Hope Mum is feeling better

scotspanda said...

fab news that the kids won the contest!! have a great time :o) not so good news about the root canal trwatment tho..........I've had it done and it defo works, there'll be no pain after that lol. hope you're mum is ok too


Amanda xxx

Allison said...

great pics and well done on those tickets
Hope you mouth is all better now and more so hope your mum is on the mend

Allison said...

great pics and well done on those tickets
Hope you mouth is all better now and more so hope your mum is on the mend

Carol said...

The pictures are lovely, the costumes on the characters look amazing, i bet you'll have a fab time at the production!
Big hugs to you and your Mum x x

Carol x

Anonymous said...

Hope the tooth is better Jozza and your mum too!

Well done to the kids on their win - enjoy the show! :)

Vanessa x

Tip Top said...

Hehehe! Like the good friend bit!! Your girls are very funny and very fab! And lucky too! Wow! make sure you sneek some pics of the show on Fri!

Tip Top said...

PS Hope your mum is ok