Monday, 9 March 2009

OMG I actually made a card!!!

I've been quiet. Sorry about that. Have had a week off work and me and Monsieur Jozza have been decorating. The house is completely upside down - it has to be seen to be believed! We're nowhere near finished either! Mind you it has been fun. I love painting - I find it really therapeutic and we've learnt how to hang wallpaper! Go us! We're not doing too bad a job with it either...shame we're both back at work now so it's evenings and days off put aside for decorating. We'll get there in the end I'm sure.

Tonight I found some of my craft bits and assembled a card for one of my bessie mates Susie. I've known Soose since we were little. We're both from Scarborough and our parents used to be drinking buddies back in the 70's. We lost touch in our teens but who'd have thought that we would both train to b
e Radiographers and end up working in the same hossie? Anyhow it was Susie's birthday at the end of Feb and whoops naughty Jozza is late again! I have got her a huge slab of chocolate from Hotel Chocolat to compensate her for my crapness! Everyone should have a Susie in their life. She is hilarious and a great mate!

I made her card with a quote from one of our very fave TV progs The League of Gentlemen. It's a quote from one of the lads who are always in the video shop and judge the quality of a film by how many "killings" are in it. I wanted to put a video clip on my blog but I couldn't find it :o(
Just knew it would make Soose laugh to see it on her card and I thought it suited the image (I may have to buy this stamp as it is sooo fab) :o)

The stamped image is from an image swap and was provided by Lythan. The papers are Dream Street and the other bits and bobs are from my stash.


Anonymous said...

Love the card (and quote). The League of Gentleman is one of my faves too LOL.

Good luck with the decorating and well done with the wallpapering. We'll be doing a spot of painting soon - but definitely not brave enough to try wallpaper!!


Tip Top said...

Hahahhahahahah!! 'Ow many killins?! And don't laugh, but I briefly worked where they filmed The League of Gentlemen....... can you tell?!!!

Fab card!