Sunday, 24 May 2009

Fields of gold

It's me! I'm here with a picture heavy post I'm afraid, and it ain't craft - and a lot of the pics are samey but I love them all the same. I'm a glass half empty kinda person by nature. I can't help it. It is probably genetic or learnt as my dear mum is just the same (bless her cottons!). Today we woke to the most glorious weather. Blue skies, tweeting birds, we're talking GORGEOUS. Poor Mr Jozza was working today (retail sucks!) and I just thought bugger it, I'm taking the girls out and about for the day. I decided to walk the most beautiful path into town down by the river Ouse. When Abigail was a baby I used to walk down by the river such an awful lot. It was great - I lost loads of weight. I walked all over the place pushing her in her pram and then her buggy as she got bigger. Once she started walking she used to toddle some of it. In fact before she was even 2 years old she walked all the way from our house into town without going in the buggy once! Amazing. Anyhow, what I'm trying to say is that for some reason, I seem to have forgotten just what a beautiful city I live in. I am so lucky that I am a 10 minute walk away from the river trail into town. When Abs was about 2, I walked the walk with my parents. It was a glorious day like today and we joined the path higher than normal so we had to walk away from the city to join the trail to then walk into town again. It was worth it because the fields of buttercups were breathtaking. I took pics of little Abs in amongst them and they were lovely. Unfortunately the computer died not long after and I lost the photos. I was gutted :o(

Anyhow, I decided to take the camera today and see if the buttercups were there - and they were! Bliss! We took way over an hour to wal
k into town. We stopped loads so I could snap pics while the kids picked buttercups. I'm so happy with the photos and I must not lose these! I just wish I knew how to use my camera properly. In fact, I wish I could afford a professional photoshoot of my kids. I would kill for that!

Tonight I feel like my glass is half full. Heck it may even be fu
ll! I'm so lucky to live in this city. I'm so lucky to have a job I love. I'm so lucky to have 2 healthy daughters. Maddie is starting to read just now. Not by me pushing her I must add, she is always asking "what does that say mummy?" and "can we do some words tonight?" and I am so proud of her! She is so animated when she tells a tale and her eyes seem to get bigger and bigger as she's telling it and ooh I could just breathe her right in. And Abigail - she is so beautiful and she really has no idea. But she is! I can say that because I'm her mum. She's clever and funny and gorgeous. Tonight I feel very very lucky (even though I got so sunburnt today that the City of York Council could turn off all the street lighting in York tonight and the city would be lit perfectly well by the glow coming from my chest!). So. Enough gushing already Joz. I'm not normally a gusher, honest. Tomorrow I may be a glass half empty person again but I hope not. Today was good!

Hmm. These next 2 didn't go quite to plan. I was inspired by Tara Whitney to take pics lying in said field of flowers and Abs was meant to look all serene and pretty. Yeah right! The sun was so bright that she either had her hand up to shield her eyes, or she had her eyes closed. So. Picture it. Eyes closed, lying down on the ground with flowers in hand. Yep, she looked like a corpse! The second lying pic was her face when I told her she looked like she was dead!


Enfys said...

These are beautiful Jozza, I love the one of Abigail holding out the flowers with such a look of delight on her face, and Maddy in the yellow dress among the buttercups, quite beautiful
Have a great bank holidiay
en xx

Kath said...

Wow have me in tears here...such beautiful memories to keep forever.....and gorgeous gorgeous photos..and sometimes we don't appreciate the best things in life which money can't buy....Big Hugs Kath xxxxx

Christine (Craftling) said...

Well, I for one LOVED your "gushy" post.. you gush away, girl! It's great to hear you sounding so happy!!

Great photos, too.

Chris xx

Sue Ramsay said...

Beautiful pictures and even more beautiful girls you lucky lucky thing!
Sounds like you had a blissful day, heres hoping for more of the same tomorrow for you.
~Sue x

freddie foo foo said...

lush piccies hun, shame i was glued to the blue screen of death would've been much happier in those buttercups with you lot! x


Good afternoon Jozza, what a fabulous selection of photos to browse through - thank you! the girls are both adorable! you have every right to be so proud!!! i love the photos of the girls picking the wild flowers. So pleased to hear you had such a fabulous day. Enjoy your evening, hugs Linda x

Tip Top said...

Oh, looks like I didn't leave a comment on Monday when I viewed with Jacob on my knee. He got very bashful when seeing the girls looking so lovely!

Allison said...

great photos Jozza and glad you had a good day out

Carol said...

Gorgeous pictures and such a lovely outpouring of love from you....loved reading it all, and of course we have the Ouse running through Bedford.
Shame the field wasn't on a slight slope you could have done the 'rolling' over & over thing :)

Carol x

Kathy said...

Fab photos Joz - you've really caught the joy of a beautiful day

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous Love all thephotos Jozza....
Completly second Kath There!!!TFS:) ♥

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Adorable pictures Joz xx
Long time no see xx