Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sweet girl

My baby went to her first birthday party today. Now she has started nursery, the invites to parties have started. It was her little friend Neve's 4th birthday party today and she got the invitation over a month ago so all we have had since is "how many sleeps 'til Neve's party Mummy?" bless her! As she has an older sister she has lots of hand me down clothes but I wanted to get her a special party dress which she chose herself. I think it might be meant to be a very short dress to be worn with leggings underneath as the age 3 size looked like it would fit a 12 month old. For this reason I got her an age 6 which is still above the knee even though she isn't 4 til July!

Anyhow, I took some pics of my little lady before the party. I can't believe how fast she is growing up :o( whatever happened to my baby? She looks so sweet in the dress. I love the way the skirt sticks out - very 1950s!

This girl has such a sunny nature. I am a very lucky mum. The things she comes out with are priceless too. She has a little friend at nursery called Faith who always runs up to her and hugs her when she gets to nursery. We were talking about Faith one day over the school holidays and I said to Maddie "I bet Faith will be pleased to see you when you go back to school" to which Maddie replied "oh yes she will mum. She's actually obsessed with me" Hahahahahaaaa I almost cried laughing. Bless.

I got her silver party shoes in the Woolworths closing down sale before Christmas. They were a ridiculous price - £1.75 or something!
Nasty bruise on her leg happened at nursery on Thursday. She fell off a balancing beam :o(


freddie said...

Oooo Maddie lovin' your dress you cool chick! Hop eyou had a lovely party and got a nice goodie bag! xx freddie

Kath said...

oh such a sweet little lady...all of a sudden they are growing up before your the dress and the sparkly sweet...enjoy the rest of your weekend....Hugs Kath xxxxx

scotspanda said...

awwwww how cute does she look? love the dress, like you said very 1950s especially with the white cardi and silver shoes. I hope she had a really lovely time at the party, oh the joys of 25 parties in the year.........groan all the cards and presents lol


Amanda xxx

Anice said...

Oh Maddie looks a total sweetheart in her new party dress. I hope she had a wonderful time.
Anice xx

LuLu said...

What great photo's Jozza and love that dress . . parties are definitely easier when they are younger as you have an idea what to get them . . . wait til they are 16 . . and worse still . . . boys!

Hope you are well?


Tip Top said...

Awww! How lovely! I'll show the pic to Jacob as he won't shut up about her!!