Saturday, 19 July 2008

One year ago tomorrow....

We were on our way to gay Paree (or Paris if you're not feeling romantic hehe). Oh what a fabulous holiday it was! We had 10 magical days there and stayed in the most beautiful house. *Sigh* one day I shall fact I'd love to live there one day. Thought I'd post some pics on here as I'm feeling nostalgic. Wish we were going back this year :o(

Abigail on the bateau mouche (can't spell it!). Yes she is insane! She takes after me hehe

Keith my hubby and Madeleine - posing at Madeleine underground station. It had to be done!

A pic taken from the top of the Eiffel tower. I am very happy to say that I did not take it. There was absolutely no way I was going up that thing - I would have flipped out big style! Far too high!!! I was very happy to take Maddie off wandering up the streets that led us to the Champs Elysee and salivate down the windows of shops such as Jimmy Choo etc. Then we sat at the side of the Seine with a pain au chocolat whilst the others went up and down the tower (the fools!)

My beautiful Abigail (how I wish her hair was still that suits her so much!) and my gorgeous nephew James in the gardens of the Palace de Versailles.

Tres chic at the arc de triomphe

The Louvre. Ah we had to go in and see Mona. Have you ever been? That painting is soooooo small! I expected it to be much bigger. The Louvre is massive!! We were hours trying to get out (I kid you not!)

Disneyland Paris. Quite possibly the best family day out in my life. No theme park in the UK comes close! It was worth the money just to see the parades let alone everything else. I have got to take the kids back there!!

The fantillusion parade took our breath away (even Keith who was soooo cynical about the whole Disney thing but he turned into a big kid just as we all did!)

My beautiful girls and gorgeous nephews up a tree in the garden of the house we rented.

Au revoir t'adore......


Heather (Craftling) said...

Some great photos there, Joz. Paris is great! I have only been once, with my girl to celebrate her 18th birthday, so it was 10 years ago. Now you've made me all nostalgic, too! ;o)

Heather xx

kath said...

Wow what a fabulous holiday and great pics....never mind you will go back some day...I feel the same about NYC...loved it and will be going back next year...

Tip Top said...

Wow!! We went to Paris for New Year pre kids and walked everywhere!! And I know what you mean about the Louvre - it is huge!!! And the Mona Lisa - titchy but we got a photo of it hehehehe!!