Friday, 25 July 2008

Quick card

It's been a lovely day here and we had a barbecue for tea (yum). Whilst my hubby was poking around at the flames I had a quick colour in of a Tilda stamped image that I stamped about a week ago but didn't get round to colouring. Once tea was over and the kids were in bed, I put a quick card together.

We bought a new table and chair set for the patio today. It was a real bargain at Wilkinsons so we snapped it up. Here's a picture of the girls sitting at it this afternoon.

The girls had their hair cut the day before yesterday. I finally managed to persuade Abigail that her hair is much prettier a bit shorter. Maddie did very well and kept really still. It was her first time at the hairdressers. Here is a pic of them both with their new "do's"

Yesterday we went to Magna which is in Sheffield. It's an interactive science museum type thing which is great, but outside they have a mahoosive play area (the biggest I have seen) and also a water play area where water literally shoots out of the ground, pipes, arches etc. It is fantastic and we stripped the girls down to their knickers so they could get wet through. It's a sad state of affairs that I don't feel I can post pics of them on here, but here is a pic of the actual water play area.


I love this photo of Abigail and I adore the dress she is wearing. It's a 1940's tea dress which was a bargain half price in the Next summer sale - yippee!

I could really get used to this not working malarkey! It's great :o)


kath said...

Scrummy yummy card and get you making a card while having a BBQ - that could set a new trend..Fab bargain of your patio set and love the girls' new hairdos....yeah wouldn't it be great if we were all on a permanent holiday...enjoy the rest of it matey...

Tip Top said...

Wow - looks like you had a really good day (or at least the girls did!)

Bargain patio set too!!

Tip Top said...

OOpps - forgot to say fab card!!

Think the sun has fried my brain hehehehe!!

Allison said...

great card, I think I have those flowers in yellow
Patio set looks nice and here's hoping we continue to get the weather to put it to good use

Enfys said...

Hi Joz, yummy photos, and a great card again. There is something for you on my blog x

Enfys said...

Oops, sorry Jozza, just got it on my blog!