Friday, 29 August 2008


It's my big girl's 7th birthday I've been baking her cake and making her card. She is so excited! My goodness she's been bouncing off the walls all week! Here are a few pics of card and cake :o)


Enfys said...

Wow Jozza, did you make that cake. It looks good enough to eat. I'll be round at 4..............happy birthday to the party girl xx

Christine (Craftling) said...

That cake is wonderful!! And she will love the card! Bless her! :o)

You're a good mum, Joz.

Chris xx

meayla said...

ooh what a lovely cake x i have to make tommy a spiderman cake for the 9th sept! but i dont think i`ll bake one!! ill buy a plain one n decorate it!!

Allison said...

gret card she will love it and the cake is yummy yummy love the cat

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Fab card and cake Joz!!! ^.^

Sending heaps of Happy Birthday wishes to Abigail xx

kath said...

Oh this is where you've been - missed you but you've been busy making this fab cute and I'm sure she will love it and her gorgeous card....don't suppose there's any chance of a
enjoy the rest of your weekend

Anice said...

Wow Jozza I love the cat cake! I would be bouncing off the walls too if I had that for my birthday!! Happy Birthday to your little one she's a lucky girl with a Mum like you!
Anice xx

Tip Top said...

OMG!! The cake is fantastic! Shame you don't live closer to me as I think it would have needed a taste sampler first!!

Hope she had a fantastic birthday!!

roo said...

Ha! Love the cake ;)
Hope she had a good birthday. x

Juliet said...

Beautiful card Jozza ....but that cake is fabulous!!! You are sooooo clever.
Juliet xx

pink lady said...

How fab is that cake Jozza, I want one ! The card is very cute too. Hope she enjoys her day ! x