Monday, 3 November 2008

Awesome blog candy!

Wowee! My mate En has got the most fabulous candy ever going on her blog to celebrate over 100000 hits :o) There are 3 seperate fabby candy prizes to be won!

If you haven't seen her work before you need to go here now because she's one of the most talented cardmakers around! (But don't say you want to win the one with the Martha Stewart lattice punch on it because I want that one! Mwahahahaha).


scotspanda said...

lol would go and look Jozza but you have forgotten to link it hun!!


Amanda xx

Jozza said...

Aha no I haven't the link is on the word "here". It just doesn't show up very well cos of my font colours I think. Might Have a fiddle with them....