Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I've survived!

I survived my first 2 days back at work. It's been ok although my hand is a little sore. It is nice to know that I'm not back until Monday though! I'm hoping to fit a little crafting in tomorrow along with lots of cuddles with Maddie (who is currently sat on the sofa amongst all her dolls which she has lined up to watch Charlie and Lola! Bless).

It's sooooo cold at the moment. My nose is a block of ice and I can't feel my feet. Abigail and I have become addicted to Mario Cart on our Nintendo DS. I used to be able to trounce her but she is getting scarily good! I wish we had a Nintendo Wii though...we would have lots of fun. I keep dropping massive hints at home but not only can we not afford it - my other half doesn't like them!!! He must be mad! He says the graphics are rubbish but I think we would have lots of family fun with one. Sigh....never mind. I might write a letter to never know! I have been very good. lol


Kath said...

Oh I do hope that Santa brings you your Nintendo Wi....because I know you have been very good

carol said...

Look after that hand!!! we need to see more of your gorgeous stuff :)

Carol x

LuLu said...

Look after your hand and don't push it too much.

We have a similar debate going on it our house - the majority of the family want a Wii but Luke doesn't like the "inferior graphics" (as he calls them) and wants a PS3 ! ! !