Friday, 28 November 2008


I'm feeling pants! Pants pants pants!!!!

Still no sign of Georgie! I have been around the neighbourhood sticking posters to lamposts and also got the local newsagent to stick one in their window. Am psyching myself up to ring the RSPCA to find out if she's been injured and taken in there....

Poor Georgie. I really hope she is ok. Her brother couldn't give 2 hoots that she is missing. In fact he has eaten her tea for the last 2 nights running :o( They are chalk and cheese even though they are brother and sister and we got them at the same time. We got them from the cats protextion league when they were about 4 months old. They were rescued from a house which was filled to the brim with dogs and cats who were walking around knee deep in faeces and urine. Georgie (being mainly white) had yellowy brown paws for weeks after we brought her home bless her. They both settled in with us nicely, but when Abbi was born 7 yrs ago they both semi moved out during the day. Charlie came round but Georgie remained very nervous and has progressed to an almost outdoor cat who comes for food and warmth of a night as opposed to Charlie who would stay permanently indoors on a warm lap if possible! I'm feeling so guilty right now as she so obviously was never the right temperement to be around children and so should we have maybe tried to rehome her with an older family? She's a different cat on a night when the kids are in bed. She's such a softie an loves having her fluffy white tummy rubbed. I just want her to come home safe and sound I guess :o(


scotspanda said...

awwww hun hope she comes home soon. I am sure she will. I don't think you should have rehomed her when Abbi was born, if she wasn't a happy kitty she would have left ages ago not waited 7 years!

am thinking of you chick


Amanda xx

Tip Top said...

I hope she comes home soon

Anice said...

I hope she returns home to you soon Jozz. Thinking about you all.
Anice xx

PS. Just one thing..did you have to add the Christmas tree count down to your blog? You know I haven't done a thing and now I know I've only got 27 day left!!

Jozza said...

Thanks ladies. Still no sign :o(


PS.Sorry Anice! I thought it might give me the kick up the butt I needed as I haven't done a thing either. In fact Abbi still hasn't told me what she wants santa to bring which doesn't help!!!

carol said...

Hope she comes back home real soon Joz, and ditto
Amanda..if she wasn't happy with you all she wouldn't have waited till now!!

Big Hugs
Carol x

Kath said...

Oh Joz....I'm sure she will return...she have found a man somewhere and is having the best time...I have had cats missing for weeks and suddenly turn up on the doorstep as though nothing had happened....Amanda's right she wouldn't have stayed 7 years if she wasn't happy. Chin up....think positive

Anonymous said...

Awww, Jozza {{HUGS}} I hope Georgie turns up safe and sound soon!!


Allison said...

hope she turns up soon safe and well- fingers crossed for you

Dawn said...

Aww that is just terrible - I so hope she turns up..
my two cats are indoor cats and would run a mile from an open door!!!