Monday, 24 November 2008

Oh no!!

Oh no - oh no Jo - no mojo Jo!

Yep indeedy do! My mojo has indeed upped and left and it feels like it may be poimernant (said just like Rocky's trainer, Mick - how I loved the Rocky films back in the day!)

That's all I've got to say really. No mojo - no cards! Why the picture of beaker? 'Cos I can do a mean beaker face that's why (as can my hubby - perhaps that is what brought us together?).

I tell you what though......I am REELING from the shock allegations in the news re the delicious Gordon Ramsay!!! As someone commented on one of the news websites (I forget which one) "it feels like finding out that Santa isn't real". Shucks I had him down as such a family man. I really hope it ain't true wot them pesky papers are saying :o(

It's been a rubbish weekend - have had a nasty pasty cold with a streaming nose. I now look like rudolph! The highlight of the entire weekend was making an air raid shelter model with Abbi complete with ickle tiny beds and an ickle table and chairs with the teeniest tiny plate with teeny tiny card bread on it. They are doing world war 2 at school. Seems a little young to be learning about it if you ask me - she's only 7. They are obviously learning a very watered down version which makes me think - what's the point?? Why not wait til the kids are old enough to understand and digest the information? But hey ho - that's just me. Anyhow Abs is thrilled with her little air raid shelter and can't wait to take it in for "show and tell" but she wants to add some painty bits first!

That's all the news and gossip from chez Joz. I'd appreciate it if anyone comes across my mojo could they try and capture it? If not just drop me a line and tell me where you saw can be a bit saucy my mojo - last time it escaped it went to a seedy strip joint! Tsk!


Anice said...

I have to say I have seen your mojo at work recently..on all the amazing sample cards you have been sending me for the new CD rom. Maybe he just has been over working? Give him a little rest and he'll be back on form in no time.
Anice xx

Kath said...

It'll come back Joz....just sloped off for a bit of a break...hope your cold goes looking for your mojo and doesn't come back. Can't believe Gordon Ramsay...but hey ho...he is a man after all....silly bugger...she is gorgeous.
Take care

Tip Top said...

Stip joint??!!! I hope it was worth it!!