Saturday, 31 May 2008

Sew and sew

As is often the case on a Saturday, I took the girls to Borders book shop to their kids club which is always lots of fun. I had a little peruse of the books on the way to the kids section and found this little beauty! Of course I had to buy it hehe.

This was the first project that appealed to me :o)

I've made a start on a lilac bag for Abigail. She's always on about my Radley bags and asks me if I'll buy her one! Yeah right!! So I'm making her a little doggy bag all of her own. I've only got so far because I don't have any lilac cotton (typical!) so I'll have to finish it tomorrow. The best thing about the book is that it is chocka full of little projects, some of them small ones that Abigail can have a go at herself. I'm kinda looking forward to teaching her how to sew (not that I am particularly experienced!)

Check out little pooch. Thought he would look cute with his head at a jaunty angle hehe.


kath said...

What a find....and hey the bag is looking good and I just bet that Abigail will love her little version of Mum's Radley.

carol said...

I've not been about much this week, and my have you been a busy girl!! Loving all the recent stuff, especially the frog and tiara cards :) Did you finish the knitting? or are you like me and start something new before you've finished the previous thing? I have a houseful of UFO's !!!!

Carol x

Tip Top said...

Looking good!!

Cute dog too!!

LuLu said...

Loving that bag - maybe a side line for the summer?

funky Fairy said...

Great idea Jo...and the bag so far is looking great :) Cant wait to see it finished! The bag bug must be catching ive been doing a few bags...the plain canvas ones(so already made) lol Then just decorated them up,although ive started a few,not 1 of them is actually

Craftling said...

Great find, Joz.. and that little dog is very cute!! :o)