Friday, 9 May 2008


I've won a prize!! A £10 evoucher for the Scrummy Stash Cafe. I'm so excited! I entered my mini Maddie book in their baby challenge the other week and it won :o)

Another cause for excitement is that some of my designs are going to be on the telly box today. Anice at Funky Hand has a show on Create & Craft at 11am! I really hope that nothing of mine drops to bits when she show it!!! Can you imagine?? All my fellow designers at Funky Hand are dead excited about he show so WHOOHOO!

I've not made much this week. The bits and bobs I have made I can't blog yet. Once the new Funky Hand download is released at the weekend I can blog stuff. And of course there is the new challenge card for Funky Fairys Challenge blog which is set by me next week so that will be revealed on Monday :o)

That's all the news from Jozza today xxx

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Tip Top said...

And it was exciting!!!

I was dying for a pee but could not go just in case I missed something!! Hehehehehe!!