Friday, 10 April 2009

DCM - Hide and Seek

Friday again and time for another dare. It's my turn to set the dare this week and I chose the theme hide and seek - include a hidden message or element on your cards. Anyhow, after setting the dare I then thought hells bells what am I actually going to make? After a little think about it and with a rough idea in my head I trawled t'internet for tutorials on making slider cards. There are some fab tutorials out there it has to be said!

I actually made 2 cards for this dare. The first one I made using this fab tutorial here.
I used Bazzil dotted swiss card, Crate Paper, ribon & lace from stash and my favourite stamp by Penny Black. I also used Papermania alphabet stickers which don't show up great in the photo.

The second card was made using this tutorial here. I think this is my favourite! I loved making these cards so expect to see more...

I used an array of coloured card from my stash, My Mind's Eye papers (bloom and grow), Papermania stickers and a very cute stamped doggy image that came from one of my Funky Hand team mates in an image swap. I'm afraid I've lost the list of who made what stamp.

Right I'm off to get ready to go out for the day now. Abigail is at my mum's house for a couple of nights, and I'm taking Maddie into town to meet up with my sister in law and family for lunch, then it's on to kids club at Borders book shop for easter craft activities. Really looking forward to the all new Red Dwarf on Dave tonight. Yippee! I can drool over the yummy angular headed Kryton. Haha I do love a square jaw and they don't come much squarer that that :o)
Just have to put a pic of the delectable David Coulthard in now. What a guy! What a jaw! Phwooaar! David, sadly you will never be mine - you prefer model types who weigh 5 stone, not Tubbs Tattsyrup lookalikes. However I can forever console myself with the fact that I have cupped your left buttock in my hand *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Love both cards Jozza, I might give them ago. :) Sadly, David Coulthard doesn't "do it" for me LOL! Love Red Dwarf though! :) Have a great Easter.


scotspanda said...

You what??? You cupped DC's bum??? Hmmmm interesting lol

Love your cards, they are both fabbylicious :o) My brain is working overtime thinking of what to make now lol (you can probably hear the rusty noises and clankings from where you are lol)


Amanda xxx

Lythan said...

What amazing cards. Even more amazing since I just had a look at the tutorials and they baffle me! You are officially a creative genius

Kath said...

loving both of these gorgeous creations....and you have finally managed to cut into your bloom and grow...isn't it delicious....just like Mr DC....a real bit of eye candy on a wet Friday
Big Hugs xxxxxx

Kathy said...

JOZZA - You didn't, did you? you little minx!

Fab post, I'm still spluttering my coffee after reading that.

I started off coming to say what a fab dare, and how much fun, and how fab your card was - and then the Red Dwarf/Coulthard thing happened....

Jo said...

Both cards are fab - and such a brill dare :) DC does nothing here though lol - more of a scruffy Robert Carlyle type person.... :) Sky +'d Red Dwarf so off to watch in a mo

jo xx

SueH said...

How amazing are those cards Jozza.
Both are great but the little doggie one does it for me, he’s so cute. All I can say is you were so clever to follow the instructions because I was lost after the first line.

Now, what’s this about DC, his left buttock and your hand?????????
Come on…….spill!

Tip Top said...

Red Dawrf!! Yipppeeeee! I've taped it so can watch it at some point. Before I'm 40 I hope....

Enfys said...

What fabby cards Joz, love them both, but the little doggie is soooo cute. I am not even going to ask about the cupping of David C's butt?????? only to say that I am dead jealous. Happy Easter
En xx

Anonymous said...

Hands off Kryton, he's mine! Still love your cards though, Fido is infinitely better looking and more ingenious than old hamster pouch Coulthard.

Allison said...

fab cards jozza, love that PB image and the doggy is sooo cute

LuLu said...

Hi there stranger! How are you? Well and I hope you had a great Easter.

Love the cards but "Fido" is def my favourite. I have even popped over to the tutorial. so watch this space !

Take care,


Carol said...

I love both cards Jozza, i must have a go at one of these slider ones....thanks for the link!
The top one is my favourite though :)

Carol x