Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Had a fabbo time at Harrogate on Sunday

Blimey I really am not doing a good job of this blogging business. If anybody (and I doubt it really!) still reads this blog - hold on to your knickers because crafting is going to resume with a vengeance tomorrow. Honest!

I went to the Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza on Sunday. I love this show because it is not too big. I always make sure I go. this time it was extra special because I got to meet up with some fabby friends! I went with my mate Nikky who owns my local craft shop. This gal is a major talent so check out her blog! She also has a wicked sense of humour and we have a riot when we're together. I met up with my good mate Ruth and also got to meet the fabulous Kath for the first time. What a treat it was. We chatted like we'd known each other for years and Kath has the most delightful Scottish accent you could ever hope to hear. I've met up with Ruth a few times before and we're already planning the next jaunt (probably Eureka with the kids!). Ruth is fabbo and we have the same sense of humour :o)

Kath kindly brought treats which made me feel like a right miserable old bint as I had nothing to give. Sorry gals :o(
Now this photo doesn't do what Kath brought justice. A beautiful stamped folder chock full of stamped images, some papers and bits and bobs from Craftwork Cards and a gorgeous gift box filled with mini eggs (YUM!!!). Also she brought an Easter finger puppet kit for each of the girls and also a tube of mini eggs. To be quite honest I was rather blown away by her generosity. Thanks so much Kath. I can't tell you how thrilled the girls were with their pressies too! Expect pics of finger puppets in the near future.

We popped along to see Kirsty Wiseman while we were there. Boy that gal cracks me up! What a hoot although I was annoyed she had her camera with her. I HATE having my pic taken and here is why....

Yep I always end up looking like a DIV! I was not telling Nikky to something off on this pic. I was just saying "gerroff" because she was doin rabbit ears behinf my head. Cowbag! hehehe
This one wouldn't be so bad were it not for my unfeasably large head. Hmm less said about that the better I fink. Ooh and I look like Caspar the friendly ghost too! I'm always pale but this is ridiculous. I have recently found out that I'm anaemic again so I'm back on the iron tablets (yuk).

Right nearly finished now. Today at work a lovely lovely patient and his wife brought me some flowers. I was truly overwhelmed by the gesture. What a love he was. In fact I wanted to adopt him as my Grandad as I don't have one any more. I think old people often get a bit of bad press but I have the pleasure of meeting some truly delightful older folk through my job. Bless.

These are the flowers and behind them is the fancy new wallpaper in my lounge. The vase is standing on my fancy new (bargain) fireplace.
Here's a more detailed picLast pic - Jozza's gammy eye! This is what happens when I get a cat hair in my eye. Swelly swelly pain yuk. I think it happened at the childminders house when I was picking up the kids after work. My eye started itching there and by the time we got home I was near to gouging it out and it was almost swollen shut. After several rinsings with optrex I didn't feel quite so bad but it is still very red and swollen. We have a cat but I am very careful to wash my hands after stroking him and he isn't allowed in the bedroom so I rarely have problems but I sure wish I wasn't allergic :o(
Right that's it. No more waffle tonight. I'll be back tomorrow hopefully with some lovelies to show (mojo willing!). Ooh and I must find time to clean the bathroom tomorrow too (joy). x


Kath said...

wow think you look like a DIV....well check out the old crone....god I look awful....loving your new wallpaper...tres chic and boy does your eye look sore.....can't wait for the crafting frenzy to begin
Hugs Kath xxxxx

Kirsty Wiseman said...

you look beautiful in the last picture, i even quite **fancy** you in it!

Tip Top said...

Is that really the same house?! I do like the new wallpaper and fireplace.

And I wish I'd have known about the dress code - me turning up in a red cardie and my big coat and you lot in chic black and white....

Nasty looking eye. Alcohol and chocolate will work, but not rubbed into the eye....

Anonymous said...

Joz I keep telling you to be more careful with your mascara luv - you're just meant to do the lashes NOT the eyeball. If you kept your eyes front for a change you might see what you're doing! hehe xxFFF

Anonymous said...

Oh dear thats one sore eye there Jozza..
Hey I love your papered breast if that makes you feel any better!!!