Friday, 8 February 2008

Anyone for chocolate crispie treats??

I seem to use this blog primarily for my craft stuff but this is a none craft posting! Today, Maddie helped me make some chocolate crispie treats and I photographed the occasion so that I can turn it into a scrap page. In the meantime I thought I'd put the pics up on here.......

Mmmmmmmmmmm there's something a
bout chocolate that most of us love........but melted chocolate? Well I could just dive in! Yum!

Yummy yummy yummy

Can I start mixing yet mum??

Yippee! This is fun!!

Of course it would be a crime not to eat the leftover bits!!

Scoff!! (I love this photo!!)


Wonder how long this lot will last then?


Shaz said...

ooooohhhh yummy i have'nt made any of these for ages mmm i bought a box of rice crispies this week think i'll make a few xx

Lesley said...

Bless her - lovely photos Jozza xxx

Lydia said...

Awww...looks like she had fun! ^.^

I bet there aren't that many left now though!!!!!! *.*

craftyscot said...

yum yum
any left?

Gina said...

They look scrummy! Your little girl is SO cute! We call them chocolate crackles here...
Thanks for visiting my blog :O)

Ann said...

Scrummy Jo!!! Your daughter is a real cutie-pie too

Ann-R xx