Saturday, 16 February 2008


I took the kids to the lake near us to feed the ducks this afternoon. We're very lucky it's only a 5 minute walk from where we live. Abbi rode her bike and Maddie trotted along behind her. I took my camera along determined to catch some pics of the sunset, although the sky was nowhere near as beautiful as it has been.

We had a lovely time. It was cold but nice to get fresh air and exercise before tea. As usual, the kids ate some of the bread, then a huge golden retriever came running up, scattering the geese and ducks out of the way and literally hoovered all the bread up off the ground! It was so funny. The owner came running up apologising saying how she does feed him - honest! The kids thought it was great!


Lydia said...

Wow!!! Beautiful pictures Joz! x

Anonymous said...

just looked at your blog the little picture of your daughter is great and the sunsets are stunning well done

Gina said...

Your sunset over lake pics are amazing!! Your little girl is adorable too! :O)