Saturday, 13 December 2008

Christmas cake

I've never made a Christmas cake. I don't know why really because I love baking. Anyhow my mum made a Christmas cake for us at the same time as making her own (thanks mum!) so I've just very quickly decorated it. I was just going to put stars on it but got carried away and ended up with a little icy pond and snowman too.


Tip Top said...

Right - I'll have one too. Ta.

It looks very fab!!! Yum yum!!

scotspanda said...

what a fabby cake Jozza, love it!!! Wish I lived near enough to come round for a piece lol


Amanda xxx

Kath said...

Yummy cake....and love the cutie snowman on the top...
Yeeeehaaaaaa. Alex has won the X Factor.....loved her right from the start......I'm so excited..I was in tears when she sang Silent Night.

craftycow1970 said...

that is so cute reminds me of tim burton...what are the arms made of?

Dawn said...

Aww your cake looks great - wish I could bake!!!

Chris said...

Wow what an amazing cake... I couldn't make one never mind decorate it... well done :D
Chris xx

Anonymous said...

It looks just yummylicious Jozza!! :)

No cake in our house :( I'm the only one who likes it so I'd end up eating the whole thing! My Mam bakes them though - so I'll still get a slice or two!!

Allison said...

oooh can I have it too it looks scrummy