Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Thank you

Just a quick post to say thank you for leaving kind messages for me. Georgie is still not home - it's like she's vanished into thin air.

I feel very low. My husband is working away for a couple of nights this week so it's just me and the girls at home. It was celebration afternoon at Abbi's school this afternoon where parents get to see all the work that they have been doing. Abbi loved showing me everything and it was great to see it. I can't believe my baby i
s 7 already and so grown up! When we came home we made a couple of decorations for the Christmas tree which will be going up at the weekend. That is as crafty as it's got. Mojo is still missing in action!

Here are a few photos....the first is the tree ornaments - the idea came from a youtube video here. There is also a pic of a card I made for Allison from the Funky Hand DT. Other photos are from Sunday when we fed the ducks at the local lake and Monday morning when we had snow (albeit briefly).


scotspanda said...

so sorry to hear puss is still not home hun, I really do hope she comes home soon. lovely pics of the girls, Lily has the same hat as your littlest one, its cute as a cute thing eh?

take care hun


Amanda xx

Kath said...

love the cards Joz and those hats are so cute...need one of those for this wintry weather. Please don't give up hope of finding kitty....she may have holed up somewhere snug...someone's garden shed maybe....thinking of you

Anice said...

Great pics of the girls and you've done a fab job with the Crimbo decorations! Allison must have loved her even has a dog on it!
Anice xx

Tip Top said...

A swan with two necks eh??!! Looks like you had a fab time, and those tree decorations are fab! I'd have been stuck to them with glue!!

Tip Top said...

Oh, forgot to say, hope Georgie returns soon

Allison said...

great decorations and I loved my card, looks like the girls are having fun