Monday, 22 December 2008


Well Christmas is fast approaching and my girls are whipping themselves up into a frenzy of excitement! Yesterday we had a little fun assembling a gingerbread house that my mum bought for them. Everything was already made, all I had to do was whip up some icing to use to stick it all together!

They love love loved making this and much time was spent dipping sticky fingers in the icing and pinching smarties :o)

Today my big brother and his wife came a visiting which was lovely especially because it meant I got to have some snuggly cuddles with my 4 month old nephew Benji. Oh my how the girls loved mothering him!

Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend for coffee and gossip (you can never ever have too much coffee or gossip in my opinion!) and in the afternoon I'll be busy with the ironing and may just fit in a teeny weeny bit of craftage I hope. I also want to get lovely fresh crisp bed linen ready to go on the beds on Christmas eve. You can't beat getting in to a lovely clean bed - one of the best feelings in the world if you ask me!

I can hardly believe it but all the presents are wrapped! Last night Keith and I sat on the living room floor and wrapped as though our lives depended on it. It will be the first year in a long time that I'm not wrapping presents on Christmas eve. I shall be supping mulled wine instead and delicately quoffing chocolates I hope whilst snuggled on the sofa with Keith and Charlie puss (still no Georgie).


Tip Top said...

Wow you are organised! I have yet to start wrapping... and I don't have a Santas little helper either!

Fab house!!!

Kath said...

Oh what an organised the gingerbread house and I bet the kids had great fun putting it all together and you Georgie needs to get a spurt on and get home before Santa comes.
Love the pic of the girls with Benji and can't believe he is only 4 how's he's grown.
Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and a very happy New Year
Hugs to all