Saturday, 6 December 2008

Still no news

And still no mojo.

Have put the Christmas tree up this afternoon. The girls absolutely loved the whole process. I always put a Christmas CD on and we all sing away as we decorate the tree together. My mum is such a perfectionist (I am too actually!) that she would never let me or my brothers help decorate the tree when we were little but we all do it together in this house even though I do end up doing a tiny bit of rearranging when the
kids aren't looking. The tree now looks fab all festooned in red and gold :o)

Popped to The Range earlier as my parents came over. I can hardly believe I am going to say this but I didn't buy ay craft stash! Shock horror!!! I did buy some antlers and a flashing red nose for the girls though. I like to put a pic of them in with the Christmas cards to immediate family. The light isn't great though so had to use the flash and also the Christmas tree lights aren't on yet (there are so many things plugged in in our house th
at I have no idea which plug belongs to what so Keith can do that tonight when he gets in :o)

Here are a couple of my faves

It would appear that both girls have inherited the "mad" gene.

I really hope to be back soon with some craft. I have made a start on some Christmas cards for my fellow Funky Hand DT mates but it kind of came to a standstill. They are all going to be the same design and I need to get my finger out. I've just had a look at the new Penny Black Saturday challenge and it's a sketch this week so I want to have a go at that and see if I can lure my mojo back to the fold. Perhaps I should leave some wine out for it?

I'd like to say thanks for the lovely comments left on here and apologise for my lack of blog commenting. I've really let it go these last few weeks what with my missing cat and missing mojo but I'll get back to it!


scotspanda said...

awwww gorgeous girls!!!!! they look fantastic :) glad to hear thay had fun doing the tree, always lots of fun

take care hun


Amanda xxx

Anice said...

Your girls are just the sweetest! If they have got their Mommys genes then they are very lucky.. creative, kind and mad..what more can you want in a lady?!!
Anice xx

Tip Top said...

I find copious amounts of wine helps with my creativity. However, try not to attempt straight lines or remembering how many cards of the same you need to make...... Never try to do three 'ings' at the same time - thinking, creating and drinking. Two is sufficient.

Our tree is up - its just all bunged on as Santas Little Helpers kept taking off what had just been put on, so not much went above child height....