Thursday, 18 December 2008

No I'm not dead......

Been a bit quiet on the blogging front of late. Life gets in the way sometimes doesn't it?

Anyhow between my last post and now I turned 36 (on Sunday)! Yikes - don't the years just whizz by? We had a really lovely family day it was fab. We went to Manchester to the Lowry and mooched around the gallery. We also saw Madagascar 2 which was great but I still prefer the first one :o) On the way home we went to the pizza hut for tea so I was quite spoilt eh? My hubby got me one of these for my birthday/Christmas pressie.

How lucky am I? Sadly the bloody thing won't connect to the wireless internet so I'm waiting in today for the replacement which will hopefully work!

Tuesday saw me having my left hand carpal tunnel release surgery so I have a big boxing glove bandage on my left hand now. It's going to make wrapping the Christmas presents interesting! lol I was meant to have everything wrapped by Monday night but all the presents still haven't arrived, in fact I ordered some last minute ones last night. I hope it all comes before Christmas or I'll be in big bother!

Anyhow, I wanted to show you the beautiful handmade cards I got on my birthday. I'm not ashamed to tell you I
shed a tear or 2 opening these....

Thanks ladies - you made my birthday very special indeed :o)

Mr blogger is playing silly beggars and I can't get the names in the right place or get rid of the spaces between cards! Grrr Top to bottom the cards are from Allison, Carol, Kath, Ruth, Chris, Lythan.


Kath said...

Wow love the new header...such beauties....and you sound as though you had the best birthday..sorry about the 'puter...hope the new one is OK.
To try and sort your post....go into Edit HTML in Draft Blogger and take out all the spaces...that should work....Bl***dy Mr Blogger he can be such a pain.

carol said...

A row of cheeky girlies! Love the new banner :)
Make sure you take care of that hand Mrs!!!!

Carol x

Tip Top said...

Heheheh! Bit of a cake theme going on there with the cards!! You certainly know how to live it up - Pizza Hut?! Mind you, I've never been taken there, (or anywhere else for that matter) so I can't really comment!

Glad you had a lovely birthday and I am very much liking your new bloggy header - I think mine would scare people too much if I did one heheheheh!!

Gift bags are the way to go - just bung stuff in one of them and show them your bandaged hand (make sure it is a HUGE bandage) so then they will understand!!!

Allison said...

glad you had a super birthday- the years just fly by now so be warned!
love the new header and glad 'puter is now on tinternet