Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Sale time!

Head on over to Funky Hand where there is a sale! 10% off absolutely everything - what a bargain :o)

I hope you had a great Christmas - we did chez Joz. We spent it at my in laws house. My sister in law was also there and they bought themselves a Nintendo Wii for Christmas so we all had lots of fun playing that. I am so in love with Mario Kart and we just need a wii in this house! Alas my other half thinks they are rubbish so it won't be happening any time soon :o(

Father Christmas spoiled my girls thoroughly. I think Maddie's favourite present (apart from her doll's pram) was a shopping trolley and till. The girls spend hours playing shop. Abigail got lots of fab stuff too including some new games. Remember Kerplunk?? We spent ages playing that together last night as well as "Ssh don't wake dad" which they both seemed to love. Kerplunk was the favourite though. Maddie didn't quite seem to get the point of it and actually seemed to want to make the marbles drop! Bless her.Christmas eve and all excited leaving treats out for Father Christmas and the reindeer.
Maddie giving Sully a huge hug (Monsters Inc is her very favourite film!)Here they are in their Christmas day pretty dresses!

Boxing day we went to my parents for lunch. They had my Gran staying with them who (bless her) suddenly seems to be looking every one of her 88 years. We had a little outing to the playground near mum's after lunch for the kids to let of steam. My goodness it was cold though!

Well that's my update. It's 11.40 now and we're all still in our PJ's (shock horror!). keith went back to work today and the girls slept in (unheard of!) until 9.45. Bliss! We've had a late breakfast of a bacon sandwich and we're going into town to look for bargains. I also need to head to the Molton Brown shop because whilst at my in laws I took a shower and discovered Molton Brown warming eucalyptus bath and shower gel and now it's all I can think of! I also saw the entire collection of James Herriot books in Borders last week for £14.99 and have been kicking myself for not buying them (I loved them in my youth and would love to read them again) so I'm hoping they have some left today.

I received a package from QVC today which is a Christmas scrapbook kit (not opened it yet). Yippee! I managed to miss craft day last week (didn't have a clue it was on) until 11.45pm. Looked at the 24 hr product review and clocked the kit which sold out as a TSV earlier in the year and I missed out on it. It was free p&p too so I just had to buy it cos I want to scrap the Christmas photos for once. Now I am blaming Kath for this purchase because had I not visited her blog that night I wouldn't have known it was craft day and would never have looked so there Kath it's all your fault! lol


Tip Top said...

Hehehehe!!! We have a chicken kerplunk called pluck it (don't say it too fast) and Jacob is the same - you win if you have the most marbles.....

Lovely dresses!!

I missed the QVC thing too..... totally!

Kath said...

Is that the Brenda Pinnick TSV....it's fabulous you will love it.....and it just goes on and on and on...and hey don't blame me...you have no willpower Mrs.
Loved all the pics of the kids and just like little princesses in their party dresses.

Jozza said...

Yes Kath it is the Brenda Pinnick. OMG it is soooo fab I keep opening up the box to furtle through all the contents! LUSH!!


PS. It so is your fault I bought it! lol