Thursday, 11 December 2008

Teeny weeny bit of crafting...

Well what a day I've had today! Went to the docs for my asthma check this morning. The sole purpose of this outing was that they won't prescribe new inhalers unless you go for a check and I've been using an out of date almost empty one for too long. I took little Maddie with me and happened to mention I'd had a letter to say she was due her pre school booster injections and I thought it seemed early (Abigail was almost 5 when she had hers). I'm told they've brought it forward for a host of reasons but the main one is that immunity to the hib component wears off early. So says the nurse - shall I do them while you're here?

Eek! Cue lots of tears and crying. Bless Maddie - she wasn't too bad for the first one but knew what was coming for the second. I hate seeing my baby cry :o(

Here is a happier picture of her in party clobber for the playgroup Christmas party, complete with shoes on wrong feet!

After docs we mooched around town for a bit and picked up a couple of Christmas pressies (still have far too much left to buy though!), then it was home to clean the bathroom - joy! After school Abigail had a friend round for tea and I went to the dentist. Have I ever told you how fearful I am of the dentist? No? Well lets just say I am a big baby and get very scared. Now I knew I had an abscess as it has been playing up big time for the 3 years I have been without a dentist (thank goodness I have an NHS one now!), anyhow, she had the x-rays from last time and it turns out I have 2 abscesses! Side by side. No wonder I've had all the pain and swelling then.....

Nice dentist lady asked me what I want to do....Hah! I don't want to tell her what to do I just want her to sort it out for me. Anyhow I said lets take one tooth out and save the other. Soooo she started root canal work on tooth to be saved. In the nick of time it seems as when she opened up the tooth it was full of pus (gag). Temporary filling is now in and back next week for a 45 min appointment for proper filling. I also need a separate one for the extraction. Anyhow I am having all this work done for the grand total of 44 quids! Bearing in mind my private dentist wanted me to pay him almost £2000 to do root canal work and a couple of crowns I am skipping with joy!

Seem to be waffling a little I'm sorry! Hehe

Anyhow I thought I would post some Christmas cards that I made this week for my Funky Hand DT mates. They all feature Jozza the sheep drawn by moi hehe and a computer generated Baa humbug. Papers are all Imaginisce Snowy Jo and there are some Poppicrafts flowers, glitter die cuts that were free with a magazine and Craftwork Cards circle sentiments. I'm hoping the cards will get to their destinations by tomorrow so thought I'd post them on here now just to show something after my very dry spell.


Kath said...

Oh it is so good to have you back in bloggy land and crafting the cards and cant wait to get mine.....oh you brave abscess for 2 years...I am such a big baby at the dentist too and poor Maddie with her injections....a real traumatic day.

scotspanda said...

love the cards hun, the sheep is very funky! your poor mouth, Lily and I have the dentist today but thankfully I'm ok with it and so is Lily. Poor Maddie and her injections too! Bet she's fine now though eh?


Amanda xxx

Tip Top said...

Heheheh!! Mine has arrived - green one at the bottom and it is fab!! Even the husband said it was good!! Who-hoooo!!!

Shan't mention, injections etc.....