Saturday, 20 September 2008

Crazy kids!

I've just been messing around with my camera as with the auto settings I often find that the pics come out a little blurry or the brightness is off. I really must learn how to use it properly!

Anyhow I took some pics of the gir
ls who are quite frankly MAD! It all started off quite innocently...they were both on the floor doing some colouring and I took a fairly normal pic of Maddie. However once Abigail cottons on to the fact that I am taking pics of them madness takes reign! Now Abigail can not pose for a photograph. She has the fakest smile I have ever seen when she poses. If she's not doing the fake smile then it's usually a manic face she is pulling with wild eyes. Anyhow the only natural(ish) photo I got of her was when I said "Abigail smells of wee and poo" hehe (she doesn't of was to try and make her laugh!) see if you can spot it. The last picture depicts Abigail trying (and failing) to do a Dr Evil! haha

Fairly normal pic!

Hmmm a little fake


Ooh hello!

So there they are in all their mad glory. I really don't know where they get this mad streak from......

Do excuse their hair. I haven't brushed it yet today because I am a bad mother I haven't got round to it yet.

Might take them for a walk down by the river after lunch as it's a glorious day here. Perhaps I will take my camera :o)


Allison said...

ah bless... how cute... even if their hair is not brushed

Christine (Craftling) said...

lol! Thanks for sharing those fun pics of your girls! They really are mad, aren't they? lol ~ Not that they get any encouragement from you at all. ;o)


Chris xx

judy anderson said...

Great pics of the faces you love.

Anice said...

Your girls are so lush! I know how Abbi feels though as soon as a camera is pointed at me I have this fake TV smile, you have seen me on Ideal World right? So you've seen it!!!

Tip Top said...

What? You brush hair??!! I think the last time I did my boys hair was... urm, ages ago.....!! Now I am a bad mother!!!

Heheheh fab pics of the girls!! I think they get it from their mum........hahahah!!