Friday, 19 September 2008


All I seem to take photographs off at the moment is cards! Today I took photos of things other than cards.....

This gorgeous boy is our hamster - Ratatouille. I am very attached to this boy! Our last hamster was a girl and very nervous - we were unable to handle her and unfortunately she died a little while ago :o( I decided to try a boy and he is soooo different. He is very calm and I think he may be deaf (which is probably a blessing in this household!). Even Maddie had a little hold of him this morning. He's eating dried banana in this picture. It's blurred unforunately because hamsters are not very good at keeping still and I took the pic on the macro setting that I use for my cards.

And here is Maddie munchkin looking a little gormless - bless! She was feeling very happy because she had just held Ratatouille :o)


Kath said...

bless....Ratatouille is such a sweety and hey the little princess is such a star for the Kate Moss in the making

carol said...

Your daughter is adorable... and the hamster's not bad either :)

Carol x

Allison said...

aw so cute... I had a little hamster a few years back, he packed his bag and was MIA for aweek then we found him under the unit where he had made a big bed and was climbing in the cupboard to help himslef to the food!

Christine (Craftling) said...

Aww, two adorables in one post!! Fab!

Chris xx

Tip Top said...

Heheheheh!!! Kids and animals - never! I just have the kids element and they are like animals at times ehehheeh!!!