Sunday, 21 September 2008

Fun day!

I went to the Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza today. Ooh I love it - my very favourite show! Didn't spend too much mainly due to the fact that we weren't there that long rather than anything else. I tell you what though - I only went and accosted poor Kirsty Wiseman on the Art From the Heart stall. Poor love being accosted by a crazed rabid Jozza who was very excited to meet said crafting heroine! Anyhow she was very lovely and down to earth and didn't tell me to naff orff bless her :o) Isn't it funny how you start off these converstations "I promise I'm not a stalker but..." lol

I'll show you what I bought in a minute but first I want to say how pooped I am :o(
Probably doesn't help that I keep forgetting to take my iron tablets (d'oh) so how the devil am I going to perk up my blood? I have got soooo much crafting to do this week and a really busy week at work too so I think I'm going to have to be having some late nights if I'm going to get it all done. Methinks I will be a very grumpy tired Jozza by Friday. I so wish I didn't have to go to work and c
ould just craft all day :o( if any millionaires are reading this please feel free to donate to the get Jozza at home all day crafting/let's buy oodles of stash fund!

Right then here's the stash which is actually not that much really is it? I can't believe I didn't buy more stamps!

I got 10 sheets of core dinations card stock (excited!)
A Little Claires tree stamp
Imaginisce spider stamp
Red flowers
Black ribbon (which I so don't need but I seem to have developed a fetish for the stuff!)
3 rolls of DST (can't live without it)
Christmas sentiment round things from Craftwork cards
Couple of sheets of Christmas papers
Inkssentials pen ('cos I live in fear of my current one running out!)
12x12 pack of Basic Grey papers (a bargain at £10)
Most exciting was the Bazzill dotted swiss cardstock (although I am more than a little bit peeved that several of the sheets have a greasy finger mark on them and one of them has a squashed bloody mosquito on the back of it all dried and awful with it's legs all over the place!)
I bought said dotted swiss from a retailer that has VEXED me because of the above fact and also because the robbing b'stards charged me an extra 50p because I was paying by card and spending less than a tenner! SO boo hiss to the shop who I won't name but there are 2 words in their name, the second of which sounds a bit like camelot!

I feel a bit better for getting that of my chesticles! xxx


carol said...

You got some good stuff! I was only checking out that spidy stamp just yesterday :) The dotted swiss is good, but i've resisted it far!
Craft Obsessions have loads of it in stock, and the delivery is very speedy!(I get loads from them,all packaged beautifully, and always a little free gift too!)
Have fun playing, love all the new photo's hun!

Carol x

Kath said...

love all the stash Joz and hey gorgeous Basic Grey and what a bargain.....same about the mucky finger marks and hey don't be and shame and what a cheek charging you an extra
50p...won't be shipping with them again I bet
Have great fun playing with your stash.

Christine (Craftling) said...

Omigosh, the supplier you mentioned is my local stash shop.. I am so surprised to hear about your experience! Very odd.

It's daft, but because they're my local shop, I feel like I should be apologising to you on their behalf! How nuts is that?

You should email Jan and tell her what you think.

Chris xx

Christine (Craftling) said...

Thou shalt not covet thy DT-mate's sentiment stickers... Thou shalt not covet thy DT-mate's sentiment stickers... Thou shalt not covet thy DT-mate's sentiment stickers... Thou shalt not...

Nope.. It's not working.. I am still coveting... (sigh)

Chris xx

Tip Top said...

Yeah, name and shame cos I've not got a clue who you mean!

Hehehe - get saving up for March girly as we are gonna spend hehehehehe!!! Well, maybe have a max limit.......