Sunday, 7 September 2008


Right......2 facts about Jozza.....

1. Cooking - gah! - HATE it!

2. Baking - LOVE it!

Check out these little beauties that fell into my basket at Asda yesterday....

Silicon cupcake cases! Oh yes! I have coveted simil
ar beauties to these in Lakeland for a while but was loathe to pay the extortionate prices they charge. Imagine my joy when I clocked these in Asda for a mere 2 yes 2 quid for 12! I almost did a little jig in the aisle but managed to stop myself just in time :o) Check out the colours - how fab and funky are they? There were also some pastel shades but I preferred these ones.

Soooooo today me and the girlies just had to bake. Sim
plest recipe ever and oh so tasty....

6oz SR flour
6oz caster sugar

6oz butter
3 eggs

plus a splash of Madagascan vanilla essence.

Technically this makes 18 cupcakes but chez Jozza we like our cupcakes large so I make 12.

Chuck it all in a bowl and mix with electric hand mixer. There was a time when I used to hand beat all my cakes but my stoopid carpal tunnel hands won't let me any more :o( Stick them in the oven for around 15 mins at gas mark 4.

Embrace the beauty of the cupcake! Look how much
they rose!!! Usually with paper cases they sag a little and flow over the sides but not with these cases. No siree! Silicon cases ROCK!!




Icing all gone yet Maddie?

Ok, imagine Churchill the dog saying this...

"Oh yes!"


funky Fairy said...

OOh me thinks i may have to get me some of those cases :)
Fabby pics Joz.The girls def seemed to enjoy eating them :)
Shaz x

Allison said...

oh yum I want one they look yummy and cool cases

Tip Top said...

Any left??!!!

LuLu said...

I agree with Tip Top - any left. I love icing as well ! !

Kath said...

yummy yummy cupcakes and hey the girls look as though they are having a the silicon cakes...must get some next time I am at Asda - yummy colours....Don't suppose there are any goodies left?