Wednesday, 10 September 2008

This made me laugh

I'm not a morning person. At all! My mum can't understand it as she has always been up at the crack of dawn. Why would anyone want a lie in? "You're a long time dead" she would tell me when I was a teenager! hehe

Anyhow - my alarm went off this morning and after pressing snooze a few times I knew I couldn't delay it any longer - I had to get up I had my hair to straighten before work! So off I trotted to the bathroom, sat on the loo pushed the door to. Queue the sound of the pitter patter of little feet. Outside the bathroom door I hear my youngest daughter whisper "I think mummy is in there". A small pause then "shall we have a peek?". Then, round the door appears a little head - teddy bear!!! Ooh it was so cute and made me laugh as I thought she'd been talking to her sister and that she was going to peek round the door so when I saw teddy well just bless! She loves that bear so much :o) I summoned her over and we had a huge squashy cuddle and just like that my early morning blues had disappeared.

Kids - you've gotta love 'em! (mostly hehe)


Allison said...

aw how nice

Anice said...

Oh what a lovely story! You know I'm a crusty old mare who has no kids..but even that touched me!!
Anice xx

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Ahhh bless xx
Hope you didn't fall off the loo whilst having squishy cuddles!! *.*

Kath said...

oh jozza - what a lovely story - kids you just can't help loving they do come out with the sweetest things.

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe!! I'd have got 'are you having a poo mum??!!'

Swop one of your girls for one of my boys??!!

meayla said...

that is so sweet!! and i think that sums up a mothers love x