Monday, 8 September 2008

Sweet girls

Tonight I was going to do cards for some challenges but alas I feel no inspiration. I guess I'm tired is all. Instead I've been looking over old photos stored on the laptop and came across these 2 of my little princesses that I had clean forgotten about....

First an action shot of Abigail. I had not long had the camera and was playing around getting her to jump off her chair after tea. Great mother eh??

Then Maddie. Hehehe that child is kerrrazy! Wonder where she gets it from? Abigail was practicing her new recorder and Maddie was prancing around the house with her teddy bear - in the buff I might add! You can even see Mr Jozza in the background of this one hehe. I took both these pics October time last year. How they've changed. Bless.


funky Fairy said...

Great piccies Joz :)
Shaz x

scotspanda said...

glad to hear it's not just my daughter who likes to run around starkers!!!! I worry about my daughter sometimes she has even started to take her pjs off in bed, I go to check on her when I go to bed and lo and behold, pjs :) Bless them, both your daughters are gorgeous :)

Amanda xx

Tip Top said...

Hey!! We have that teddy too!!!!!!

Kath said...

great pics of the your two little princesses

mueppi said...

The girls are so lovely!
Hugs Gisela

pink lady said...

Fab pictures Jozza, two really gorgeous girls ! x